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CME’s portable Flow Calibration Systems (FCS) are available in two series. The FCS-8 Series and the FCS-9000 Series offer outstanding accuracy and ease of use for calibrating other flowmeters of various types. The portability feature of these calibrators allows the user to calibrate in a laboratory or to assure the accuracy of production flowmeters in place.

The FCS-8 Series comes with up to 14 Laminar Flow Elements (LFE’s) to cover a wide range.
The displayed data includes standard/mass flow, volumetric flow, temperature and absolute pressure.

Special features of the FCS-8 include:
High Accuracy
Wide Flow Range
Individually Calibrated
Large LED Display
RS-232 Output
Low Pressure Loss
NIST Traceable
No Manual Calculations for Changes in Temperature & Pressure

The FCS-9000 Series links a portable FCS-8 gas flow calibrator to a notebook computer. Notebook resident SURECAL™ software allows quality control personnel to perform high accuracy, on-site calibrations of production flowmeters.
Downtime is reduced, and manual data collection and reduction is eliminated. The system provides automatic data acquisition and compensates for many flowmeter types as well as environmental test conditions. The SURECAL™ software allows the operator to select engineering units, test points, etc.
Test setups can be saved for later retrieval. The computer accepts manually entered readings and frequency, voltage and current inputs. Audit compliance data can be stored and a hard copy of the data may be printed.

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